"Put the User in the Center and All Else Will Follow."

Senior Consultant | Digital Experience & Strategy (UX | CX | X)

Are you looking for sound advice? For 13+ years I have been advising mainly large international companies in IT / Tech, Internet, Telco and eCommerce on how to optimize their Digital Experience at all touch points. Also Start-ups, SMEs and NGOs. I combine (among others) Customer Experience (CX) with User Experience (UX) & User Research, UX Management, UX Coaching, UX Strategy and UX Evangelism to support teams and companies in their growth in(to) the digital world.

My services for your success in the user-centric digital world

UX Consulting

Consulting on all aspects of developing and optimizing successful, user-friendly and great digital products and services. Creation of insights into customer needs through UX Research. Integration of these processes into product and business strategy through UX Strategy. Training through UX Coaching. Structural anchoring of UX in the company through UX Management and UX Evangelism.

UX Management

Reliable development of user-centric products and services is ensured by structurally anchoring usability and user experience (UX) in the company - for the change to a user-centric company or its continuous optimization. Consulting and interim management for optimization and change processes to a customer / user / human-centric company with a successive increase in the UX maturity level of the own organization.

UX & User Research

Application of numerous research methodologies from computer science, psychology and human-computer interaction to create optimal user experience (UX) through continuous agile testing and analysis of data on user behavior and needs. Hands-on support with numerous methods, from usability / UX testing / interviews in the lab and remotely to expert reviews, agile Lean UX, analytics, clickstream analysis, personas, surveys, etc.

UX Coaching

Training, mentoring and enablement of employees* and agile, cross-functional teams for comprehensive and sustainable personnel development through talent upskilling. Essential and cost efficient due to the scarcity of experienced UX talent in the market. Enablement through further training of employees* and teams in all aspects of usability and user experience research, engineering, management, design thinking, user-centered design, etc.

UX Strategy

Connecting KPIs and business goals with User Experience (UX) to generate and implement strategy(s) for focused, goal-oriented and agile development of useful, successful digital products and services that your customers want and will love. Development and implementation of UX- / CX- / X-strategy(s) for the extension and optimization of the business strategy for a sustainable successful user- / human- / customer-centered enterprise.

UX Evangelism

Inspired by the most successful and user-centered IT & Tech companies in the world from California, USA, UX Evangelism is used to spread new and innovative ways of working and thinking. Methodically, new knowledge is strategically established throughout the company. 360-degree support of the change in corporate culture, e.g. through quick wins with fast best practices and success results from team level to top management consulting.

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Get to know me

My experience

As a consultant I often help the world's largest companies for 13+ years to develop and optimize successful digital products and services in a user- and customer-centered way. 

My background

Optimal scientific basis as information scientist with expertise in computer science, psychology, management, design, human-computer interaction and engineering

My consulting philosophy

"Put the User in the Center and all else will follow."

(inspired by Google, Apple and Amazon, based on 13+ years of consulting experience)

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