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Benefits & Services

What is UX Strategy?

Connecting KPIs and business goals with User Experience (UX) to generate and implement strategy(s) for focused, goal-oriented and agile development of useful, successful digital products and services that your customers want and will love. It is the fusion of usability, user experience, customer experience, etc. with business goals and business strategy that creates the necessary company-wide structural basis for successful user-centered work across all teams, departments and divisions. It is therefore the basis for everything else on the way to a user-centered company.

Your advantages through UX Strategy

  • Boosting the performance of achieving your corporate business goals through user experience activities in an agile and effective way
  • Anchoring of user experience and usability in the company
  • Inclusion of user experience in the corporate strategy
  • Creating company-wide awareness of user experience
  • Strategic competitive advantage

Some of my services (exemplary)

  • Strategy advisory on how to effectively and as fast as possible improve on user- / human- / customer-centered thinking and doing to increase your organization's UX maturity level
  • Assessment of your company's UX maturity level
  • Development of UX- / CX- / X-strategy(s) for the extension and optimization of the business strategy for a sustainable successful user- / human- / customer-centered enterprise
  • Alignment of strategy development with all relevant stakeholders
  • Definition of individual Experience (UX / CX / X) KPIs
  • Implementation of the new strategy(s) in the operating business
  • Analysis, controlling and optimization of UX Strategy

Bernhard Riedl | Senior Consultant | Digital Experience (UX | CX | X)

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