UX Management -
Benefits & Services

What is UX Management?

The reliable, targeted development of user-centric products and services is ensured by structurally anchoring usability and user experience (UX) in the company - for the change to a user-centric company or its continuous optimization.

Your advantages through UX Management

  • Creating the conditions for user-centered product and service development
  • Development of structures, processes, UX Talent 
  • Continuous optimization of structures, processes and UX talent development
  • Increase of the own UX maturity level
  • Secure anchoring of UX in the company

Some of my services (exemplary)

  • Consulting on the introduction of UX / Experience Management (XM)
  • Interim UX / Experience Management (XM)
  • Establishment, optimization and change processes to a customer- / user- / human-centered company
  • Alignment of UX / CX / X with business goals
  • Creation of new structures and optimization of existing structures for the management of user experience
  • Increasing the UX maturity level of your organization

Bernhard Riedl | Senior Consultant | Digital Experience (UX | CX | X)

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