Roles, positions & hats in clients' projects

Digital experience world with diverse roles and concepts in the everyday life of a consultant

In client projects supporting in-house local teams, e.g. user experience design, customer experience, market research or PO / squad / agile, cross-functional team as well as company-wide in consulting assignments, the work takes place in a variety of roles, positions and hats, mostly numerous and alternating to simultaneous in most projects, e.g. as

  • (Senior) (User / Customer) Experience (UX / CX / X) Researcher / Manager / Consultant / Strategist / Evangelist / Coach / Trainer / Mentor / Workshop Facilitator
  • (Senior) User Researcher
  • (Senior) Usability Engineer / Consultant / Analyst / Specialist / Expert / Researcher / Manager
  • (Senior) Expert User-Centered Design / Design Thinking (Coach) / etc.

Confusion potential with terms and roles in CX, UX & Usability, Design Thinking, User-Centered Design, etc.

This list of common roles, positions and hats in my client projects reflects not only the current diversity, but also the everyday confusion in business reality, as there are hardly any established, clearly distinguishable positional designations in this comparatively young field of human / customer / user-centered thinking and doing. This also (still) applies to the beginning of the 2020s.

Creation and promotion of user & customer centricity as a common, unifying goal

Despite this confusion of terms, the necessary skill set, training, experience and concrete activities and goals in CX, UX, Design Thinking, User-Centered-Design, Usability Engineering, etc. remain the same:

Ideally, everything is done in an agile and multi-disciplinary manner, from the employee* and team level to the core of the company strategy with (top) management buy-in, in order to create the best possible experiences - at all touch points of the company.

To this end, numerous tools, methods, processes and practices are used to create and strengthen human/user/customer-centric thinking and action for useful, successful and great digital products, services and businesses that people love.

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