UX Consulting -
Benefits & Services

 What is UX Consulting?

Consulting on all aspects of developing and optimizing successful, user-friendly and great digital products and services. Creating insights into customer needs through UX Research. Integration of these processes into product and business strategy through UX Strategy. Training through UX Coaching. Structural anchoring of UX in the company through UX Management and UX Evangelism.

Your advantages through UX Consulting

  • 13+ years of experience and knowledge from projects with the largest and most successful companies in the world in IT / Tech, Internet, Telco, eCommerce and software
  • Integration of external expert knowledge
  • Understanding your users* with their wishes, goals, needs and behavior
  • Optimizing the digital experience of products, services and companies
  • Happy/ier customers
  • Successful products and services
  • Meeting the expectations of your users and customers
  • Future company growth

Some of my services (exemplary)

  • Hands-on implementation of UX & User Research & Design Thinking
  • Development and implementation of UX / CX strategies as part of the business strategy
  • Transfer of experience and knowledge to employees* and teams through UX Coaching for efficient talent upskilling
  • Management of UX research, teams, processes, tools, user-centered design
  • UX Evangelism to support the cultural change to a user-centered enterprise from team level to top management consulting

Bernhard Riedl | Senior Consultant | Digital Experience (UX | CX | X)

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