My services: Overview

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UX Consulting

Some of my services (exemplary)

  • Hands-on implementation of UX & User Research & Design Thinking
  • Development and implementation of UX / CX strategies as part of the business strategy
  • Transfer of experience and knowledge to employees* and teams through UX Coaching for efficient talent upskilling
  • Management of UX research, teams, processes, tools, user-centered design
  • UX Evangelism to support the cultural change to a user-centered enterprise from team level to top management consulting

Your advantages through UX Consulting

  • 13+ years of experience and knowledge from projects with the largest and most successful companies in the world in IT / Tech, Internet, Telco, eCommerce and software
  • Integration of external expert knowledge
  • Understanding your users* with their wishes, goals, needs and behavior
  • Optimizing the digital experience of products, services and companies
  • Happy customer(s)
  • Successful products and services
  • Meeting the expectations of your users and customers
  • Future company growth

UX Management

Some of my services (exemplary)

  • Consulting on the introduction of UX / Experience Management (XM)
  • Interim UX / Experience Management (XM)
  • Establishment, optimization and change processes to a customer- / user- / human-centered company
  • Alignment of UX / CX /X with business goals
  • Creation of new structures and optimization of existing structures for the management of user experience
  • Increasing the UX maturity level of your organization

Your advantages through UX Management

  • Creating the conditions for user-centered product and service development
  • Development of structures, processes, UX Talent 
  • Continuous optimization of structures, processes and UX talent development
  • Increase of the own UX maturity level
  • Secure anchoring of UX in the company

UX & User Research

Some of my services (exemplary)
Hands-on support with numerous agile and classical methods, mostly multi-methodical:

  • Usability / UX Testing / Interviews in the lab and remotely
  • Expert Reviews
  • Agile & Lean UX
  • User Feedback Days
  • Analytics
  • Clickstream Analysis
  • Customer feedback
  • Personas
  • Benchmarking Studies
  • Card Sorting
  • Focus Groups
  • Diary Studies
  • NPS
  • Ethnography
  • Surveys and many other research methods

Your advantages through UX & User Research

  • Optimization of the user experience
  • Understanding your users and customers
  • Generation of decision knowledge from data
  • Early and continuous integration of the user view
  • Increase your conversion
  • Strengthening your brand
  • Reduction of support costs
  • Avoidance of expensive misdevelopments
  • (Optimization) Product-Market Fit

UX Coaching

Some of my services (exemplary)

  • Enablement through UX education, training, mentoring, coaching of employees*, cross-functional and line teams
  • Up Skilling on all aspects of user and customer-centered thinking and doing
  • From Usability and User Experience Research, Engineering and Management, Design Thinking to Usability Engineering and User-Centered Design, and much more
  • Empowering your workforce to act more effectively
  • Sparring partner for all relevant topics

Your advantages through UX Coaching

  • Development of UX Talent in-house
  • Strengthening the capacity to act and deliver
  • Reduction of costs for very expensive UX experts* (internal and external)
  • Reduction of protracted and expensive sourcing of rare UX talent in the market
  • Increase in employee satisfaction & retention

UX Strategy

Some of my services (exemplary)

  • Strategy advisory on how to effectively and as fast as possible improve on user- / human- / customer-centered thinking and doing to increase your organization's UX maturity level
  • Assessment of your company's UX maturity level
  • Development of UX- / CX- / X-strategy(s) for the extension and optimization of the business strategy for a sustainable successful user- / human- / customer-centered enterprise
  • Alignment of strategy development with all relevant stakeholders
  • Definition of individual Experience (UX / CX / X) KPIs aligned with business
  • Implementation of the new strategy(s) in the operating business
  • Analysis, controlling and optimization of UX Strategy

Your advantages through UX Strategy

  • Boosting the performance of achieving your corporate business goals through user experience activities in an agile and effective way
  • Strategic competitive advantage
  • Anchoring of user experience and usability in the company
  • Inclusion of user experience in the corporate strategy
  • Creating company-wide awareness of user experience

UX Evangelism

Some of my services (exemplary)

  • Development of an UX / CX / X vision - an Experience Vision for the upcoming years
  • 360-degree support of strategic change in corporate culture
  • Agile Lighthouse Projects
  • Strategic High Impact Quick-Wins
  • Agile Best Practice Show Casing
  • Presentations of success results from team level to top management consulting
  • Strategic one-on-ones with key stakeholders
  • Workshops

Your advantages through UX Evangelism

  • Efficient dissemination of strategic knowledge
  • Support of change management for customer-centric thinking and doing
  • (Top) Managmenet Buy-in for UX, CX, X
  • Basis for planned, targeted development of successful digital products and services through cultural change at all levels

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