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1) Change Management for Digital Experience

Consulting on implementation and optimization of customer- / user- / human-centered processes for successful, agile product and service development including change management and streamlining of resources, processes and structures (e.g. UX, CX, Data Science, Analytics, Market Research) for the creation of sustainable structural conditions and foundations for this.

2) UX Evangelism

Evangelism on UX Research, Human-centered Thinking / Management / Engineering, Design Thinking, Usability Engineering, User Centered Design. As part of UX Management and UX Strategy, "Evangelism" is applied to the highly successful practice of California San Francisco Bay Area tech companies for the efficient, continuous and sustainable dissemination of new, innovative ways of thinking and working within the company.

3) Digital & Agile Coaching

Accompanying digital and agile transformation processes, due to the need for adaptation and change in the global, digital world. No matter if Scrum, Spotify method, Kanban or its numerous derivatives.

My work therefore often takes place in agile or currently agile, hybrid, digitally transforming companies, which offers an optimal basis for building or strengthening capabilities around human-centric / customer- / user-centricity, far beyond pure product and service development.

4) Management of UX & User Research + Research Management Strategy

Interim management of User Experience & User Research, development of resources, structures, processes, consulting on New Talent Sourcing and In-house Talent Up-Skilling Consulting on team composition, anchoring options and methods of usability, user experience, design thinking etc. in the company.

Design and implementation of research management strategies for user experience (UX) research, aligned with Customer Experience (CX), Market Research, Data Science and Business Strategy.

5) Consulting on the establishment and successful integration of in-house UX Labs

Support in planning, building and successful integration of in-house (User / Customer Experience / Market Research) Labs end-to-end with sustainable impact. Advice on the sensible and efficient use of your own in-house labs vs. when and how which studies and tests would be better commissioned externally by agencies.

6) Stakeholder Management

Management of all stakeholders, from Top Management / C-Level over Mid-Level Management, Team Leads and Agile / Hybrid Stakeholders like Product Managers / Product Owners (PO), Scrum Masters or Tribe Leads to all classic teams and roles in Market Research, Tech / Engineering, Data Science, Customer Experience (CX), User Experience (UX), Design, Marketing, Sales, etc.

7) UX Coaching | Training | Mentoring as Enablement

Coaching, mentoring and training on UX Research (methods, selection of suitable methods, application in agile / hybrid settings, research management, strategy), human / user / customer-centered engineering / design / management / thinking / etc.

Enablement of employees* and agile, cross-functional teams on UX / User Research / Design Thinking / User-Centered Design / Human-Centered Thinking and Doing / etc. Sparring partner for all things user- / customer- / human-centered.

8) Hands-on implementation of UX & User Research

Hands-on implementation of User & UX Research with a wide range of methods and complete flexibility in selection, application and execution:

  • Quantitative and qualitative methods, depending on the questions
  • In-house studies at the client's site and external agency management
  • On-site consulting and remote implementation
  • Expert based and user based methods

Data analysis and interpretation, development of recommendations for the optimization of MVPs, prototypes, interfaces, flows, products as well as communication and product strategies and business models.

Creation of various classic and agile deliverables, including management & executive summaries, reports, presentations, JIRA tickets, workshops, highlight videos for mid-level and top-level stakeholders, tool dashboards, individual Confluence Knowledge Base deliverables solutions, UX / usability lists, individual and of-the-shelf research insights management delivery solutions, and much more.

9) Communication of Research Insights for Service & Product Design & Business Strategy 

Integration and translation of study, analytics and testing results as prepared user research insights into easily understandable, concrete and quickly applicable optimization recommendations for product design and business strategy.

Preparation and presentation of research insights and recommendations for action for a wide range of recipients: from specialist departments in sales, marketing, market research and engineering / tech as well as cross-functional, agile teams, mid-level management to board level & top management audiences.

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